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Dr Camilla Ingvorsen

+ (0)1223 336786


I received my PhD from the Technical University of Denmark in 2013, where I studied the effect of a high fat diet during pregnancy in rodents and the risk of obesity, metabolic dysfunction and obesity-induced inflammation in the young and adult offspring.


Currently I work as a Post doc in the TVP-lab and in the Mouse Genetics Programme (MGP) at Wellcome Trust Sanger Institute with Dr. Chris Lelliott. The aim of this collaboration is to identify and characterize new targets genes important for obesity development and the trajectory into metabolic disease. We screen genetically modified mice in the MGP pipeline for alterations in metabolic phenotypes and use the expertise in the TVP-lab to elucidate the roles of the specific genes in metabolic performance.


The MGP and TVP lab generate large datasets from our animal studies. Instead of evaluating every parameter individually, I apply multivariate data analysis (PCA and PLS) to characterize the overall phenotype of the animals and to identify how the different parameters interact with each other. This tool will help us to quickly identify specific metabolic disease traits, even in mice with a less pronounced phenotype.


Camilla tells about her PhD project and current post doc in this short video (produced by the Technical University of Denmark for the PhD graduation ceremony) ”