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Dr Conall Dennedy

+44 (0)1223 336786


Conall is a visiting fellow from Ireland, where he has just completed his PhD on the immuno-metabolic effects of innate immunity in metabolically unhealthy obesity. He is a trained clinician specialising in endocrinology under the Health Research Board of Ireland funded, National Academic SpR Fellowship programme. He completed his undergraduate training at National University of Ireland, completing a BSc in 1999 and MB, BAO, BCh in 2002. He completed his MRCPI in 2005 and was awarded an MD from NUI, Galway in Obstetrics entitled “The Beta-3 Adrenoreceptor Modulates Myometrial Relaxation in Humans without Adverse Vascular Relaxant Effects” in 2007. He will graduate with his PhD in 2013.


Conall’s main research and clinical interest lies in the area of obesity, particularly the interaction between obesity and the innate immune system, specifically monocytes, to modulate vascular risk. He also has an interest in population based research investigating the effects of gestational obesity and gestational weight gain.


Publications & Work:


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