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Dr. Francisco José Tinahones Madueño


Dr. Francisco José Tinahones Madueño is the leader of the Endocrinology Service at Virgende la Victoria Hospital and the coordinator of the group inside of CIBEROBN (Network Research Center of the Pathophysiology of Obesity and Nutrition). The group is composed of four senior researchers, three post-doctoral, three pre-doctoral and four technicians to support the research lines developed by our group.


These lines are:

– Study of adipocyte physiology (Adipobiology) in patients with morbid obesity

-Study of insulin resistance, inflammation and oxidative stress in patients with metabolic disorders.

-Pathophysiology of postprandial lipemia. Study of lipid metabolism in the postprandial state.

-Study of the relationship between cancer and obesity (oncobesity).

-Study of the intestinal microbiota in the development of insulin resistance and obesity.

-Study of the atherosclerotic disease and cardiovascular risk factors.