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Dr Stefania Carobbio

+44 (0)1223 336786


I study allostatic mechanisms taking place in adipose tissue in response to states of obesity and morbid obesity. These states are typically associated with insulin resistance and I aim to understand how these compensatory mechanisms allow the maintenance of functional adipose organ alongside hyperinsulinemia. One particular area of interest is how such mechanisms maintain cellular membrane lipid composition in states of lipid dysregulation such as obesity. Moreover, how these allostatic mechanisms vary between specific adipose tissue depots (subcutaneous, visceral) may be highly relevant for understanding the pathogenesis of obesity and insulin resistance.


Some other areas of research I am interested in are:

– Identifying molecular mechanisms that control energy expenditure via sympathetic tone to brown adipose tissue and also that directly regulate its activation.

– Understanding how the disruption of specific lipid species can affect adipose tissue expansion and lipid metabolism in key metabolic tissues such as liver, muscle and heart.

– Adaptation and failure of pancreatic beta cell function in mouse models of metabolic syndrome and specific lipid species disruption.


Funding Acknowledgements: