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TVP Lab Current Staff & Students

 Prof Toni Vidal-Puig, Professor of Molecular Nutrition and Metabolism


 Dr Guillaume Bidault, Post Doctoral Research Associate


 Mr Mark Campbell, Research Assistant


 Dr Stefania Carobbio, Post Doctoral Research Associate


 Mr Martin Dale, Research Assistant


 Dr Conall Dennedy, Clinical Research Fellow


 Dr Camilla Ingvorsen, Post Doctoral Research Associate


 Miss Katie Ketteridge-Lowe, Secretary


 Mrs Agnes Lukasik, Research Assistant


 Mrs Vivian Peirce, PhD Student


 Dr Vanessa Pellegrinelli, Post Doctoral Research Associate


  Mr Kasparas Petkevicius, PhD Student


 Mrs Keli Phillips, Chief Technician (Histology) 


 Dr Sergio Rodriguez-Cuenca, Senior Research Associate


 Dr Chong Yew Tan, Clinical Research Fellow


 Michele Vacca, MD, PhD, Research Fellow


 Dr Sam Virtue, Senior Research Associate


Mrs Sarah Grocott, Technician


Mr Daniel Hart, Technician


Ms Haidee Pitt, Technician